Seiko SLP720RT – Linerless Label Printer


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Product Highlights

  • Certified high-quality linerfree / linered label receipts
  • Compact design that supports 1.57 and 2.28 inch (40mm and 58mm) media
  • Partial cut and full cut options with ticket taken sensor
  • Back feed feature to minimize paper usage
  • Seiko product reliability

High-Quality Printing

With the SLP720RT, we have worked with the best of the best, including lconex, Maxstick, StickyPOS, to make sure this label printer can produce the best Linerfree and Liner labels and receipts. Designed for industries like Hospitality, Retail, Visitor Management, Manufacturing, the labels/label printers are very flexible for any application. In addition, the quality of different labels, both in adhesives and color options, makes for a great solution.

Speed and Efficiency

The SLP720RT was designed to support applications with continuous on-demand output. The paper taken sensor combined with the partial cut allows for one ticket at a time usage. With a print speed of 7.87 inch/sec (200 mm/sec), your next ticket is delivered in a blink of an eye. The back feed feature allows you to reverse feed the paper after each cut, reducing paper usage.
Weight 5 lbs

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